​What a ceramic carpet!!!

Posted by Mod ceramics, Maioliche Originali Deruta on Dec 17th 2019

​What a ceramic carpet!!!

Deruta ceramics during last century became very popular in the Us because all the Italian emigrants who during the first decades of the 20th Century went to work in the Us , once

established in the new country where they found home, money, and love, started to long for some Italian specialties not easy to find in America.Not only fashion, pasta and wine helped them to strengthen their Italian identity abroad, but also some brands of handmade treasures, such as Murano glass and Deruta ceramics. In fact, the Italian attitude towards cooking and entertainment, along with a strong love for beautiful things coming from Italy, brought them to ask their relatives still living in Italy, some advise about what was trendy in Italy at the moment.

In the first decades of the 20th centuries , some of the most important Italian companies which became a famous brand worldwide were founded and the best of "Made in Italy" style started to become a "cult". Love and passion for Il Bel Paese was also strengthen by all the ItaloAmerican

actors, producers and singers who contributed to widespread love for Italy.

Deruta ceramics became a cult and the Us Market became the biggest buyer in the small village in the centre of Italy. At the end of last century almost 300 hundred workshops were operating in a 8000 people small city.. Quality, variety, style, patterns were the best of Italy and all the most important American department stores, boutiques, specialty-shops were eager to have in their store -windows some of Deruta selection. Not only because it was made in Italy, not only because it was entirely made by hand, nor because it could be a faithful copy or a development of a Renaissance piece seen at the Metropolitan in New York or somewhere else, but mainly because it was a precious one- of -a -kind- piece and at that time, uniqueness was "trendy".

 In this picture our decorator is painting the beautiful ceramic floor.

Nowadays, "uniqueness" is tied with customization. These 8 square ceramic tiles, that you see in the two images on the page, 14" by 14" were made especially for a customer who needed a traditional Deruta pattern made with some vibrant colours where blue had to be dominant. It will be the focus of the floor in the hall of a villa in Veneto that is going to be unique.

Deruta is beautiful.