History of Mod Ceramics and their founders

Posted by Mod ceramics, Maioliche Originali Deruta on Dec 11th 2019

History of Mod Ceramics and their founders

Hello to everybody....now I'll tell you some little curiosities about us and our company. This is the image of Antonio e Delia, the two Deruta ceramic factory founders getting married. 

Antonio sitting as a ceramic painter staring his favourite Deruta's lady.

Delia, one of the best ceramic painters supervised by Antonio

I am Grazia, one of the owners along with Ivan, my brother, of MOD, Maioliche Originali Deruta

a three floors building located in Deruta hosting a factory, a school of ceramics and a large showroom. If you love the Italian ceramics painted by hand, both traditional and contemporary...this is the place to visit....Deruta, in Umbria first, and in Deruta, MOD over all.

Why Deruta? Deruta has been the main centre for Italian artistic ceramics since the beginning of last century.

Its origins date back to the Middle Age, but during the past century it became the source for everything

that was related to pottery. The best potters, the best painters, the best kilns- for- ceramics industries, the best knowhow, hundreds of workhops, a great museum, a large production.

Why MOD?

MOD, that is the acronym of Maioliche Originali Deruta (that means made in Deruta) was founded in 1965 by Antonio e Delia, our beautiul parents who have been living and working together for more than 65 years (and are still together....) They met in 1950 in a factory where both were working under the same boss, the Giommetti family. at the ARS ARTIGIANA factory. At that time the 18 years old Antonio was a very talented painter (he was working since he was 13) and he was responsible of the painting room where more than 80 people were working. Among these 80 people, the 17 years old Delia stood our for her lively and sensual beauty. They felt in love and since then they spent their whole life together. In 1965 they founded their own company whose first name was "La Delia" changing to MOD some years later. Today the 87 years old Antonio goes to work at MOD every day, starting at 11 o' clock after some grocery shopping where he buys according to a written list that Delia prepares everyday for ingredients that she needs to cook the daily lunch for the whole family...from 7 to 10 people everyday.

Welcome to Italy......

In the afternoon sometimes she still goes to work and paints her own patterns, happy together with her bell'Antonio

And now I leave you with this recent image of my beautiful parents taken last summer (August 2019) on the occasion of the wedding of our niece Federica!

See you soon!