Ceramic table shipped to Switzerland by Mod Ceramics

Ceramic table shipped to Switzerland by Mod Ceramics

Published by Mod ceramics, Maioliche Originali Deruta, DerutaItaly on Apr 28th 2020

This is a beautiful hand painted ceramic table mede in Italy that we have shipped these days to our customers in Switzerland!

In these days of emergency it is nice to be able to feel our customers satisfied with our work.

For our company of craftsmen (Mod-Ceramics) that gets satisfaction from manual work and especially from transforming imagined objects into ceramic material objects, it's great to receive photos of our products from various parts of the world and from our wonderful customers.

The ceramic table in the photo is perfect for outdoor environments. These garden ceramic stone tables are sold all over the world not only for their aesthetic beauty but also for the low maintenance they need.

In fact they are extremely resistant to very high and very low temperatures.

Once placed in the desired place it can stay there for tens and tens of years without time ruining its quality and this allows our ceramic company to live in your places in the world.