CachePot Ricco Deruta

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Cachepot Ricco Deruta Made in Italy

Product of high craftsmanship decorated and handmade in Deruta. The decoration is called Rich Deruta and is a classic pattern of our country.

Extra Information

Ricco Deruta
1.20 KGS
Height Cachepot 20cm / 8 In:
17 cm/6.5 In
Height Cachepot 30cm / 12 In:
25 cm/9.5 In

Warranty Information

Our pieces are all the result of authentic and original craftsmanship in ceramics that our company has been producing for over 50 years. For this reason some of the items not in Stock will need a processing time of about 3-10 days before shipping. We will continue to work for you, and make sure to offer you a very large stock of products with 1-2 business day shipping. For large quantity purchase we would like to know our buyers, please contact us.