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We sell knobs - Below is a set of ceramic knobs in geometric patterns. We also carry fruit based knobs. Knobs come in brown or white background










Knobs are all hand painted so each design is slightly different


Above : Cabinet Knobs with fruit design


Description : 
We have 2 types of knobs
Large diameter 4 (1.6 inch) cm height 3 cm (1.2 inch)
Medium diameter 3 cm ( 1.2 inch ) height 2.5 cm ( 1 inch )

The screw is in metric system and is cm 3.5 in length for both sizes

Screws can be however easily changed with longer or shorter
Cost is $10 to $12 each Plus shipping ( $30 for the 8 knobs )
Shipping $24 for 30 knobs
$27 for 40 knobs
$30 for 50 knobs

There is no substitute. Deruta is one of the oldest towns still making majolica in ITALY. We at MOD have perfected our techniques and art over the 30-years-life of the company. We believe that we produce one of the most artistic quality majolica available on the market. Our majolica has been tested for years and does not easily chip or wear off. Our tableware lasts many lifetimes if properly handled. For questions in the US please call Paolo ( EST ) 301 793 1197 - IN STOCK Italian Ceramics will ship immediately and it takes usually about 5 days for delivery in the US. We will email you with a shipping date if an item is not in stock