Still Life Plate 2

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This 19,68-inch large plate was created completely by hand. Painting is only one, even if the longest, of the 14 fundamental steps for the realization of this work of art destined to acquire value over time.


The still-life represented is a pictorial representation of inanimate objects. In addition to traditional fruit and flowers, still lifes also portray objects of various kinds, such as musical instruments, bottles or dead animals.


Famous still lifes representing fruit and flowers are those of the great painters Caravaggio and Fantin-Latour.


 We have further embellished this work of art with a green forest frame and a white ornamental decoration.


 The work has been painted over several days and it is possible to admire how the painter took care of the details from the small paintings that inexperienced eyes may seem superfluous but define the decoration and balance the shadows in a perfect way.


 The characteristic glossy appearance of ceramic, combined with still life, gives the object's beauty a paradoxical appearance and a refinement capable of embellishing the entire wall of a room.