What they say about MOD CERAMICS


Carafes with beaks, vases-bouquet and bookcases already decorated: these are some of the products made by hand according to the Umbrian workmanship and that are part of the project MO / OD

Experimentation on matter, respect for the past and ability to change the conditions of use of objects. These are the fundamental aspects embodied by Cipcip, Madison and Bouquet, the three products presented at Fuorisalone 2016 by Luca Binaglia for the company M.O.D (Maioliche Originali Deruta) that arrives in Milan with the project MO/OD, the result of the commitment of three Italian designers (Floriana Rinaldi, Gianni Cinti and Luca Binaglia, precisely) who, with different approaches and yet similar, have managed to combine the centuries-old tradition of majolica with a strongly creative and modern thrust.

This is how Bouquet was born, the line of ceramic vases inspired by bouquets of flowers, created with an ancient ceramic workmanship entirely handmade. With simple but absolutely contemporary lines, the containers have the addition of a small "fifth" to help their function and are enamelled in nuanced nuances.

Cipcip, instead, is a carafe, object of use in the tables of the past, which changes shape but not material: the carafe is reinvented and becomes contemporary, thanks to essential lines and gentle realization, however, thanks to a slow processing and the delicate hand turning dear to the tradition of Deruta.

Finally, there is Madison, a bookcase that offers the unusual combination of the oak wood structure with ceramic panels in hand-decorated stoneware. The decoration of the latter has been entrusted to Gianni Cinti, who creates geometric carved elements combined with those tone on tone paintings that create an "elegant chaos" in which apparently distant elements coexist in an almost perfect balance.
The one between past and future.



Lucrezia Sarnari