Stone table Rectangular blue with lemons 75x35 Inches

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Magnificent lava stone table hand painted and baked in the oven at a temperature of about 1000 degrees.
The decoration extends along the entire perimeter of the table with a chain of lemons. The yellow colour of the lemons is amplified by the contrast with the background blue.
The central part of the table has been left white to give lustre to the object and bring out the decoration.


The base is in wrought iron and is included in the purchase price.


These tables are generally used to furnish the outdoor spaces of your home having ideal characteristics to make them withstand extreme temperatures both summer and winter.


The composition of the stone table and the ceramic decoration are not affected by the adversities of time making the object like new even 50 years after purchase.


The table can be cleaned with any daily cleaning product, such as: water, alcohol, glass, varichina, soaps and detergents and this will not spoil your precious object.